Thursday, November 1, 2007

Fish and chips anyone?

Was rather confused with the choice of words when we first reached London. Potato chips (oh yeah...) is called 'crisp' here. And 'chips' is what the locals call the french fries. Oh well, what's the difference when both are my favorite... got to watch the waistline abit.

The English are not paricularly known for their food (and tv programs, that's the only English we hear are from the Americans...) but fish and chips signifies the epitome of the English cuisine. It was meant to be a workman fare but has come a long way since then. One can find countless of pubs and shops that offer the 'Best Fish and Chips in Town!' but I must say that the best one that I've tasted (thus far) is this shop found along Shorts Garden. Though it's just off Covent Garden, tourists seem to give it a miss, which, in my opinion, is their loss.

The cod is fine but the haddock deep fried with a generous serving of chips taste heavenly with tartar sauce. It doesn't come cheap though... 10 pounds per serving. But trust me, it's enough for two. I'm salivating just thinking of it...

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BFU Rector said...

Someday I will have to try the one you rate world's best.

C K said...

@bfu rector,
I've been back to the place a couple of times but found the standard has dropped by quite a bit.

Although it has expanded it's seating to outside the restaurant, which says much about its popularity, the portion has shrunken while price stays the same.

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers.