Monday, November 5, 2007

Gimme a hand, bro!

This guy peddles his talent at Covent Garden every weekend with a similar act and even his lines rarely differs. How do I know? Call me a loser but I'll just stand there riveted at his performance. Essentially, he's good at balancing on that piece of rope. Actually he's not the best that I've seen, some shaolin monks are better at that in fact. But he's funny, it's like 90% showmanship and 10% talent. From the size of the crowd I think it's much appreciated.

Tha formula is followed to the tilt by many performers. First, promise to do a death defying (or at least difficult) stunt and put it off till the end of the show. In the meantime, milk it dry by having a number of off the cuff tricks, irrelevant jokes and getting some audience to participate in the act. It'll be better if the audience participant is a kid (a cute one) and probably a hunk. Getting a lady will be tricky as women tend to prefer not making of fool out of themselves... Then towards the end of the performance pull out the stunt that you've promised earlier (before the audience forgot about that) and viola! It's time to hand out your hat.

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