Sunday, November 18, 2007

Graffiti as an art...

Graffiti is generally an urban eyesore and we don't normally see much of it back home, probably due to the fact that they get painted over soon after they appear. In London, the graffiti artists are more aggressive and the authorities more passive. Thus one can see their 'works of art' almost everywhere. A few of them even got famous for their signature art and one of them is 'Banksy'.

Banksy's unique graffiti art artform is instantly recognisable. Instead of using freehand, he made use of preprepared stencil and his complex designs can be finished within minutes. Thus he has been evading public notice even though the capital is adorned with his works. Working with his crew, his identity is a closely guarded secret.

He chose his 'wall' well and in every drawing, he trys to put a statement across. Some drawings actually made the owner (of the wall) rich and sold for tens of thousand pounds.

I came across one yesterday. Snapped a picture of it, pity that it has been vandalised (side). What an irony. Have searched the net and found loads of this other works. Love this one...(below)

There are even clips on youtube of journalists trying to hunt the elusive Banksy down.

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