Friday, November 9, 2007


Took a trip down to Ikea last Sat with wife and HP. Got the directions from Ikea's UK website, which shows a (very) simplified map that proclaims that the store is 'just' 20mins walk from Neasden Tube Station. I was thinking to myself how bad it can be? It was really bad...

The 20min walk was closer to 35min and it took us through some seedy neighbourhood, over an expressway, through a tunnel, along a long strech of road with cars (which I'm sure are heading the same way) whizzing just next to you.... hang on, we weren't done yet. We had to navigate past a huge parking lot and eventually we saw nirvana, which comes in the form of a huge blue building with a four-letter yellow word on it. Yes, we've reached the land of meatballs and cheap furniture!
New Catalogue Out Now! Over 3000 Price Cuts 125x12

Now, we were faced with a problem. To buy or not to buy. The rationale was that we should get as much as possible since we've trekked such a long way there. But how're we gonna drag the stuff back? But one item is a must, we went straight for the meatballs... oh well.

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PY said...

CK, try out the one near Tottenham Hale next time - that's the one we used to visit. There's a free shuttle bus that comes very frequently.

Jason said...

Thanks for the tip PY - we hit the Tottenham Hale one today and it was easy in, easy out. Much appreciated!

Linda M Haden said...

I have only driven to the Ikea in Neasden. The neighbourhood there is just too dodgy!