Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It's all gone! All of them?!

The Chancellor (Financial Minister), Alistair Darling, admitted that the Revenue and Customs (equivalent to our IRAS) has lost personal records of 25 million individuals. That include the names, bank details and health insurance number (equivalent to our NRIC). All that happened because two discs were sent in unrecorded post and as a result of which was lost without a trace.

A few problems here. First, the person who posted the mail must have utmost confidence in the Royal Mail despite strikes and walkouts that occur throughout that period. Second, I can imagine this Auntie (apologies to all those hardwarking aunties), who was just trying to pack up and leave by 4.45pm, throwing the 2 discs into an unmarked envelope and then depositing them into the letterbox as if it's some christmas greeting cards. Perhaps she (or he for that matter) would have took greater care if it's really a greeting card.

Having said all that, the records has been lost and the people are scrambling to the bank to change their bank details. Although the Chancellor was exclaiming on BBC that the police 'has found no suggestion yet that the information has fallen into the wrong hands', the converse is true as well.

Another thing is true though. His job is on the line.

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