Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Oh my god.... what the...

That was what went through my mind when I saw the infamous video clip produced by the bigwigs at MDA. I couldn't bring myself to finish the entire clip and had to dry the blood oozing out of my eyes the whole time. I'm sorry but that's the kindest comments that I can come up with. What were they thinking about? I wonder who is the target audience?

I was scanning through the comments posted on youtube; one commented that perhaps 'this is the way Asians sing rap', another said that 'Asians find English difficult, that's why they sound like that'.

Well, you judge for yourself. They should shoot the person who gave the go ahead. The people doing it better had fun, at least it's not money down the drain.

We should really do what we are good at. Face it, we aren't going into World Cup anytime soon and senior civil servants should never produce a rap video.

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