Tuesday, November 13, 2007

One of a kind...

Was cracking my head as to what to write about today. Well, trying to get into the habit of having at least one entry per day (for weekdays at least). Hate the idea of this blog going down into oblivion like all those that I've started before.

Came across this museum, which is simply named as 'Victorian Museum'. It sits along Folsgate Street that is a stonethrow away from Liverpool Train Station.

Now, what's interesting about this museum is not it's (relatively) exhorbitant entrance fee of 15 quid per person, it is the quaint manner in which tours are guided. All tours are 'silent'; none of the participants nor the guide is supposed to utter a word throughout. Other than still exhibits, there will be live (people) exhibits in the building. Now, these live exhibits will be in Victorian costume and will be performing their daily tasks as they are done a century ago.

After my experience in the Dover underground tunnel (read Defend the coast! ), I'll probably put of my visit to this museum to a later day. Btw, there's a gaslight lantern at the front of the black door, which is supposed to be authentic as well. I was unfortunate enough to be wondering along the street when it was dark. Something that I'm not too keen to repeat.

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