Monday, November 26, 2007

Plays and Jazz Festivals...

Got a pair of complimentary tickets for the 'Parade' at Dogmar Theatre. Essentially a play based on a true story set in post civil war Georgia that depicts the social rigidity. Pardon my inedequate description but it's worth every penny of the 25 quid ticket face value. Like 'The Woman in Black', it's set in a (comparatively) small theatre. But unlike 'The Woman', the 'Parade' theatre extends into the audience, with audience surrounding the stage thus allowing the actors and actresses to perform feet away from the front row audience. That reminds me of this play that was done by AJ's StAJeWorks The superb acting helped lots in this case.

The Jazz Festival is in town! With free and paying performances that exhibits a whole variety of instrumental and singing gigs, we were spoilt for choice. Due to the time constraint, we chose this one that featured Carol Grimes (never heard of her? Neither have I...) at Lauderdale House. Regretted the moment we stepped into the place. It reminds me of a typical Community Centre performance that has adhoc chairs arranged around an area designated as the stage. In fact, it seems that the audience know each other rather well as they started to banter among themselves. The singing was fine but... how should I put it... it lacks soul. Hmm... We were rather relieved when it ended as we stumbled out into the cold night.

Finally got to watch Avenue Q on Saturday night. It's the only play that we watched that required the checking of bags for dangerous substances. We realised why in the end. The play was sexist, racist, x-rated and poked fun at religions... and we loved it. In fact, that's the main selling point of the show that is dominated with muppet like characters. It's like... 'The Muppets Show' with all those adult and other sensitive themes. Little wonder that our bags have to be searched for bombs and all.

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