Monday, November 12, 2007

Hang on there... and be humbled.

Walking along the white cliffs in Dover is one great experience. Watching the rolling waves crashing helplessly onto the ancient limestone while sipping a glass of champagne. That I'll do if I can afford the time but the wind that'll build up towards the end of the day might just dissuade you from doing so.

From the top, one will be able to see the entire Dover docks. A guide told us that one pier was reserved for Price of Wales during the WWII. If you can recall your history, it was sent to its watery grave off the eastern Malayan coast by the Japs together with Repulse due to the lack of air cover.

On our way back to the train station, I shot a picture of this quaint row of houses that sits right below the cliffs. I believe it was just 4 pm at that time.

I'll probably bring along my passport to Dover the next time round and take a ferry to France from there. I heard that the view from the sea is much better. Hmm...

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waitingkitty said...

Yes, the view of the White Cliffs of Dover from the ferry is definitely better! You should try it sometime! :)