Monday, December 10, 2007

Foodie musical chairs...

Had a rather eventful weekend. Not that we visited any places but rather we took turns hosting dinner among the few of us. HP invited us over to her place on Friday evening with the promise of Prima Deli Mee Goreng, which of course was produced before the salmonella scare. The four of us had a great time talking over dinner and it helps that her flat offers a superb view of Thames.

Was watching 'Ghost Busters' on E4. It does bring back memories. Omg, the CGI looked so fake now that we're used to Star Wars and Matrix. Can't help myself but hum the tune whenever the three guys swaggered down the streets of New York. Those of my generation will know what I'm talking about. If you don't, probably you'll feel more at home with Pokemon.

Saturday's dinner was at ST's. It's the first time we've been to her place at Westminster. Quite a catch for the rent that she's paying, I would say. Imagine having Westminster and Big Ben staring at you whenever you shop for groceries.

It was our turn to host dinner on Sunday night. It's really a wonder that the 6 of us were able to squeeze into the tiny den of ours. But there's hardly a better meal than the six of us huddling over a steamboat with winds hitting London at 30 knots outside. We actually wanted to seat down for a round of Citadel but was cut short as the next day was a working day.

Haha... if only K and PY were here.

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K said...

Yeah I wish we were playing Citadel with you too!