Sunday, December 2, 2007

Much to do about nothin'

Another dismal day today. The heavy downpour that the weatherman promised didn't materialise but the gale did. For a moment, I was quite concerned about the trees (now very bared indeed) that were just holding on outside our place. Determined not to be holed up at home, we ventured out to Picadilly Circus for a short afternoon outing.

There're a couple of Japanese specialist shops along Picadilly Road, in the vicinity of Fortnam and Mason. Other than Japanese, one can see Chinese, HongKongers, Koreans and quite a few Singaporeans there as well. Now, who says that there aren't Singaporeans in London. Just pop by Daiso at Picadilly and there's bound to be some there.

To the average caucasians who frequent the shop, we must all look like Japanese. I mean... I really can't differentiate an British from an American, German, French, White South African, Australian and New Zealanders... if they don't speak.

Anyway, there's a big hoohah about the British teacher who is now imprisoned in Muslim Sudan for naming a teddy bear 'Mohammad'. Can't blame them really, I mean, it looks like an innocent mistake. But coming from Singapore, we can't really be too careful about such issues, can we?

That reminds me of Michael Fay issue in the 1990s. The Singaporean govt reduced the sentence for Fay from 6 strokes to 4 strokes (of caning) for vandalism. I now understand why there was an uproar. Caning (also known as lashing locally) is perceived to be 'barbaric'. A bit strange coming from a place where political enemies were beheaded once.

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