Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Princess Di Memorial Fountain...

Was crazy enough to venture into Hyde Park the other day without a headwear. Read somewhere that we lose 50% of our total heat loss from the head. Regretted not heeding Wife's advice to get a cap the moment I stepped into the Park. Doesn't help that even the local hobo seems quite snug in his beanie. My last shred of decency went against my survival instinct and prevented me from robbing him of his beanie.

Determined to make full use of the available daylight, I trekked through the Park to the Serpentine, a lake that dominates the Park. Stumbled upon the Memorial Fountain of Princess Diana. Now, if you're looking for a monument (those that this part of the world is famous for), you'll be sorely disappointed. In fact, it's built upon a gentle slope and the water merely trickles down due to the aid of pumps and gravity.

But on a closer look, you'll be able to appreciate the well thought design that somewhat accentuates the flow of water, which doesn't emphasize where it begins and where it ends. I can imagine the kids who'll sit on the edges and having fun splashing the water as it runs through their feet.

A fitting memorial for the people's Princess.

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