Sunday, December 2, 2007

Shakespeare's birthplace...

Took a train down to Shakespeare's birthplace in Stratford-Upon-Avon (SUA) on Saturday. The train ride was around 2.5hrs but it was rather fine as we were travelling in a (relatively) large group. The five of us were basically yakking non-stop the whole way.

SUA is so called because it's just next to River Avon. From the looks of it, it's famous only because of her favorite son, who's none other than William Shakespear. These days, his birthplace and other properties linked to his name are popular tourist destinations... in fact they have been ever since early 1800s. That'll probably give us an inkling how long back he belonged to.

The picture shows the exact building that he was borned into, which is of course meticulously reconstructed based on plans and drawings of the property in late 1500s. With no formal tertiary schooling, the glover's son went on to create plays that are still very much loved by millions till this day.

However, perhaps only the most ardent fans will find the exhibition endearing as most exhibits are based on circumstantial evidence with the words like 'should, may, could have been' sprinkled liberally throughout the description.

Having said that, SUA is nevertheless a great weekend trip out of London.

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