Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Small things matter...

Was walking outside St. Paul's cathedral the other day and spotted a coin on the ground. Londoners have got this curious habit of dropping coins (rather carelessly) and walk away without picking it up even though they're aware of it. I'm not talking about a penny of two but ten and twenty pence coins.

Anyway, this coin was special as it's golden and small. Upon closer examination, I could hardly believe my eyes. It's a Singapore 5-cent coin!! It has become my lucky charm ever since and serve to remind me of home.

Did some clearing up of my drawers and came upon a stack of cards that the SC passed to me before I left. They're your regular small brown cardboards with messages written on them. I recalled that it was presented to me on a notice board, which I left at home due to luggage constraints. Not forgetting the (out of focus) photo taken with one of the class passed to me before I left.

The photo, cards and the 5-cent coin will probably follow wherever I go.

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xiaocangshu said...

Wow... that is lucky.