Monday, December 31, 2007

Whee... whoops! !%@$#

That's the main reason why we were at Kew Gardens on a perfectly fine Sunday winter morning. Kew offers a great offer for joint tickets for skating and entrance to the gardens itself, thus it was a no brainer that we should go for that instead of queueing up for the ridiculously crowded ice skating rinks at Natural History Museum or Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland.

I would like to say that I took to skating like duck to water but that was not to be. Fell spectacularly not once but twice... and there was a collective "eiuu..." by the crowd which was clearly entertained at the sidelines. I almost didn't wanted to get up on my feet the second time round but the last thing I want is to have a kid slicing off my outstreched arms with his skate.

But the good thing is that after awhile, I get the hang of it. Meaning that I can prevent myself from falling. Can't wait for next winter. For now, I'll be nursing my muscle aches and bruises.

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London Soon said...

If it's better than ice-skating rink in Jurong East Entertainment Centre, it'll be worth going....

By the way, will it be worth shipping 3 bicycles for my family over to London. Any proper places to cycle?


C K said...

London's Mayor Ken Livingstone has a very pro policy for cyclists. Especially with France de Tour, which started in London this year that brought a renaissance of kind to the local cycling scene. People start to bring out that trusty bike again.

But Londoners' cyclists still lamented that the traffic is rather aggressive towards them. Looking at how some cyclists behave, I sympathise with the motorists really.

But if you guys are able to transport the bikes to parks (i.e. Hyde Park), there're lots of cyclists there using the wide dedicated lanes. Also, if you guys are avid bikers, there're a number of cycling trips that see groups of cyclist transversing the capital.

Anyway, you can get a basic bike here for around a hundred quid. So you have to look at the cost of shipping the 3 bikes.

Hope that helps.

London soon said...

Thanks.... wow, 100 pounds for a bike, not cheap, better ship mine!