Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Another life gone... for nothing...

I was hoping that I didn't have to write about this anymore but the news caught my attention yesterday afternoon. A father has been beaten and stabbed to death, with a samurai sword no less, in front of his 7yr old son. Police is not sure what the reason was but witnesses (there were lots of them, who looked on from their windows) claimed that there was some arguement before that and the father was trying to protect his son. Regardless of what transpired between the two parties, there's no good reason why someone should be dead.

I was thinking about why were a gang chasing after a 7yr old kid in the first place when two kids (couldn't be older than 7yr old) saw me through my apartment's window and gave me the finger while taunting me. I almost couldn't believe my eyes. Needless to say, I shut the window immediately. Imagine if they had do that to someone with an issue...

Britain has got a curious policy towards crimes. Town councils have openly admitted, on BBC, to having tap onto a thousand telephones within their wards. There're a number of highly visible CCTVs along the streets. Police patrols the streets and staked out prominant junctions. One would expect that with all the 'Big Brother' mentality, Britain would be tough on crime. She's anything but. The system is geared towards deterrance but not enforcement or punishment. It's like serving a slab of highly prized Kobe beef in downtown Tokyo with ketchup... or having a 500 quid bottle of champange in a public loo... it just doesn't go together

Until Britain decides that enough is enough and puts her hand down firmly, the police will eventually lose control of the streets.

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