Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Argos to the rescue!

Was speaking to the staff at Sainsbury's check out counter just now. He asked me how I was going to cook the instant noodles that I had purchased. After I went through that, I felt this obligation to carry on the conversation while I fiddle around with my change. Noticed his watch, a broad face analogue with a typical 80's look, and commented on that.

"That's a nice watch you've got there..."
- "Really, you think so?"
"Yep, there's this vintage feel to it..."
- "Oh... thanks. I thought so too. But it's really cheap, you wouldn't believe how much I paid for it."
"Er... ok, how much's that?"
- "Just 12 pounds over at Argos..."

That just struck me. Britons have got no idea how dependent they're on certain services or companies for that matter. It's like how Americans (and the rest of the urban world) depend on Starbucks for their daily fix. Argos
is like Ikea to Singaporeans, that's where we go for our furniture, only it's much more than that.

Gardening tools, sports equipment, computing stuff, photography, video games, toys, even jewellery and watches... not to mention the regular furniture and electronic applicances for every room for your apartment. It has even got insurance for your home and pet as well!

The best thing is that, delivery cost just a fiver, regardless of how small the purchase is. If you aren't at home, simply arrange to pick up your purchases at your nearest Argos outlet free of charge. It's really a godsend for foreigners who are settling down in London or UK for that matter.

The only shortcoming that I've got is that the delivery person may not keep to the agreed timing and you may end up trapped in your home the entire day waiting for the delivery.
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Laice said...

Ah, you could always watch the extended version of any Lords of the Rings movie :) Got to keep the sound down, as these delivery guys are like one knock or buzzer, and thats it they will take off, in 10secs flat.

C K said...

Totally agreed! Hah... I was waiting by the doorbell after reading some 'reviews' of the Argos delivery personnel. Also, they will not call your mobile if they get no response after pressing your doorbell... reason given was that they 'don't always carry their mobile around...'

LadyBanana said...

I waited in all day and they didn't come... had to call them the next working day which was after the weekend and set up yet another day.. I was NOT pleased!!