Monday, January 14, 2008

The Black Knights of London

When you're lost, they're there.
When you're drunk, they can be count upon to send you home.
When you're just dead tired, just hop on their ride.

They're none other than the 25,000 black cab drivers who throng the streets day and night. Now, these people are the professionals. Considering that they need to acquire the Knowledge, which requires a 4yr course. Imagine that! That's equivalent to a University degree with an honour thrown in.
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Recently, BBC pitted a black cab driver against a GPS system with identical destinations that would see both cars snaking through the entire London. The cab driver was just about to finish his lunch when the GPS car caught up 30min later.

Of late, businesses which are desperate for advertising has resorted to recruiting black cab drivers to help push their wares. How it works is interesting. Say a travel firm will pay for an entire trip to Carribean for the driver and IF the driver likes it, he is obliged to 'positively' influence his passengers. Now, the driver is not pressured to push for the product as the payment has already been given upfront.

Now, that's an interesting way of spending your next cab ride time.

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