Monday, January 7, 2008

Boeing Boeing... vs Absurd Person Singular

Has always wanted to catch this show, which is one of the more popular comedy in the West End. But we failed to get any tickets the weekend before last and I made the mistake of asking the person at TKTS counter whether she has got any other comedies to recommend. We ended up watching "Adsurd Person Singular". A word of warning here. Unless you are really really bored and have got cash to burn... please, oh please, give "Absurd" a miss.

It's not that the actors/actresses in "Absurd" is bad. In fact, that couldn't be further from the truth. Halfway through, the guy in front of me turned to his wife and said,"Dear, these characters are entirely believeable." That's the best compliment I heard that entire evening.

In my opinion, "Absurd" should be described at best as a dark comedy. I will prefer to call it a tragic comedy. We left the theatre feeling abit dejected about life.

Determined to watch "Boeing", we tried to get the tickets again last weekend to no avail. When we realized that it's the last show before it ends its run, the search for tickets become desperate as we went from booth to booth in Leceister Square. We did, however, managed to grab two of those few remaining tickets left in the Comedy Theatre's box office.

This time round, we went in with high expectations. And indeed, we weren't disappointed. Though I think that my ruptous laughter irritated the guy who sat beside me but I was beyond the point of caring. It was simply hilarious. That is what I called a comedy.

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::karinuslai:: said...

actually I watched that run of Absurd Person Singular too, and while I do admit that it is depressing stuff I think it's a bit unfair to tell people to give it a miss since if anything it demonstrates the true power of comedy, which is to show us the world around us for what it really is. You're right that comedy that is just about making one laugh is fun to watch, but comedy that is at the same time social commentary is probably the best kind

C K said...

Great to have you back!

I look at it differently. Entertainment should be as it is - entertaining.

Social commentary, on the other hand, is only entertaining if you've not personally encountered that situation before.

For the sake of discussion, let us look at victims of spousal abuse. I don't think they will find films or shows depicting spousal abuses very 'entertaining' even if they are meant to be 'comedies'.

That said, the rest of us, who are fortunately not subject to spousal abuse, would probably find the subject 'refreshing' and 'informative'. Some might even consider it entertaining.

After that show, those around me were notably quiet and subdued. Hardly the mood that you would want to be in during a perfectly good Saturday evening.

Absurd Person Singular, in my opinion, fails to inject any humour in the social issue that it tries to portray. Given a choice, I wouldn't have watched that. If I'm looking for social commentary, I would opt to watch a documentary intead.