Thursday, January 10, 2008

British earners...

Watched a program on BBC that documented just how much is the British people are earning. It's really an eye opener. The interesting thing is that most British, when interviewd, hasn't got the faintest idea how much the average or the top 10% earner earns.

At the bottom, you have the sewer cleaner (though they're called a fancier name), mortuary assistant, clerks, army privates. Those get 20k or lesser per year. At the top end, you have various CEOs of huge companies that owns household brands. The top earner earns 23 million pounds per year!

On the religious arena, you have vicars and pastors earning around 20k. The highest authority in Church of England, the Archbishop of Canterbury earning 60k. But the imams are raking in abit lesser at around 5-15k.

Then, they showed this guy who went to shop around for a ring for his fiance. That cost him a whopping 30k! Guess what? He's a plumber, who earns in excess of 100k per year! But he's one of those lucky ones among his peer.

Gordon Brown, yes, the Prime Minister himself, earns 188k per year. That's less than S$600,000. On the last count, PM Lee earns more than S$2 million (please correct me if I'm wrong).

Gordon Brown is on a crusade of freezing civil service pay so as to keep inflation under 2%. The rationale is that since Govt is the largest employer, then a cap on the its pay will prevent inflation to spin out of control.

Singapore adopts a rather different approach. Our leaders believe that in order to attract the best to be in the civil service, one has to reward them accordingly.

But when it comes to rising cost of living (not to mention the !@#$ taxi fares), that's a hard pill to swallow.

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