Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dim Sum anyone?

Mention dim sum and you'll have me salivating. Finally got the opportunity to try out the dim sum at famed China Tang over the weekend. Its main entrance is rather inconspicuous and one is likely to miss it and enter the restaurant from the lobby of Dorchester Hotel, which is the restaurant's rear entrance.

Anyway, Kate Moss just celebrated her 34th birthday on the 16th at China Tang thus bumping the celebrity status of the restaurant up a notch making reservations necessary especially on weekends.

The owner obviously took pains to decorate the restaurant. Contemporary chinese art pieces, which is said to be the owner's private art collection, adorned the four walls. It provides the Shanghai feel... perhaps the only thing lacking is a slim songstress singing in the background. Some pretty well dressed Chinese sit among its customers who seemed like rich tai-tais, others include Caucasians who's more interested in their wine than dim sums, a curious mix, I would venture.

The menu looks sparse in comparison with Shanghai Blues (which is off High Holborn). It proudly proclaims that no msg was added to the food served. Each serving of the staple dim sum goes for 4 to 5 quid. Noodles goes for around 12 quid per serving, which is abit more than Shanghai Blues.

Frankly speaking, I can't really taste the difference between dim sum served in China Tang and Shanghai Blues. But if you're entertaining clients or just merely thinking of spending a leisure afternoon weekend, I would recommend China Tang over Shanghai Blues.

While you're there, do check out the washrooms. It's the only washroom that I've encountered playing a track of a guy reading English poetry. Hard to imagine hearing that in a Chinese dim sum restaurant's loo.
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