Monday, January 14, 2008

Graffiti on Ebay...

A Banksy piece that was painted on piece of wall along Portobello Road was sold on Ebay for 208,000 pounds. Sometimes I really wonder whether it was the intended effect of Banksy, who has refused to comment on the sale, of which he has no part of. From his works, it's rather clear that he's anti-establishment and a downright revolutionary left leaning artist at best. Surely, he would not have want his works to be the cannon fodder for the capitalist machinery?

Herein lies the irony. Those who are familiar with his works will see that he is trying to make a statement on the behalf of the oppressed. However, the publicity that he drummed up may not be what he has envisaged. The piece that was on a popular stretch of road was sold to a private dealer, whom will bear the costs of removing the entire painting (with the wall) and replacing the wall. Banksy has made a certain person very happy indeed.

A pity that I do not own the property that I'm staying in. Otherwise I'll be outside scrubbing my wall just in case he needs a canvas.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there, I'm a Singaporean trying to get to London and need some words of wisdom on accommodation..


C K said...

Hi there! Have emailed you some suggestions. Hope that you've received the email. Cheers!