Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Is that a candy or a cake?

Candy Cakes sits two shops down "The Two Brewers". The wares that it's peddling is the combination of two of the most sinful food known to mankind. With that lethal combination, it's doing very indeed. Packed with customers who fully occupied it's seats within, the owner kindly installed an extension on the side, which was packed as well when I was there.

Had to refrain from getting one of that as I need to watch my weight nowadays. But with the number of people queuing up at the counter, I would think that it's a good bet. Anyway, the cakes (or candy for that matter) looks more like stuff that you'll decorate your shelves with and not pop into your mouth. They looked so good that I would think that it's a sin (no pun intended) to let it be mashed up between my teeth.

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Dutchie said...

ck, great pix ! We hv 2 choc shops locally (population 13K) n they do (hand)make the finest bon bons - simply melts in ur mouth ! At € 1,50 per pc, we only buy them on special occasions. I'm not into choc much - my hubby is.

We visited Sg during Xmas the last trip n brought 7 boxes of bon bons for my family. Much to our disappointment, they didnt know that it cost us a bomb n treated it like it's just sth ordinary. Same goes for typical dutch goodies (not found outside of Holland) .. sigh ..

C K said...

It's really rare to find a man who loves chocolates. It's stereotyping, but I always thought that chocolate is a ladies thing, probably because of the love affair between my wife and her chocolates.

I know what you mean. We got some Harrods products back home and they treated those biscuits like 'Kong Guan' biscuits... it's not that Harrods stuff are particularly tasty but still... sigh.