Friday, January 11, 2008

A man lives on his stomach...

Had a sudden craving for char kuey tiao (Chinese fried noodles) today and managed to conjour up something that's a cross between char kuey tiao and mee goreng (Malay fried noodles). With a few roasted chicken wings, it took me all of five minutes to wolf down something that cost me half an hour of sweat.

Food is indeed a national obesssion among Singaporeans. It's hard to imagine that roti prata, char kuey tiao, mee goreng, chai tao kuey, hainanese chicken rice, laksa, hokkien mee, fishball mee pok serve as the common language among the folks that hail from the small dot of an island that we call home. Even in London, Singaporeans have this knack of sniffing out eateries or restaurants that serves our local delights (HP's colleague suggested China Tang, have not tried that though). When that's not easily available, we stocked up Prima Deli instant mix, which is quite affordable considering that it cost around 2 quid (minus ingredients) to produce around 4 servings. We wouldn't even dream of spending S$6 for a Prima Deli as a bowl of piping hot laksa costs just half that price.

We had dinner with HP yesterday night at an Italian restaurant and all we can think of are the food mentioned earlier. Realised that most (if not all) Singaporeans will make a mental note of what to eat when the plane touches down at Changi. A plate of chicken rice at the two storey hawker centre at Magaret Drive is a must for me.

The image of the chicken beckoning tortures me to no end...

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london soon said...

That crave can be quite intolerable at times.... What we are getting at hawker centres are just unimaginable!