Monday, January 21, 2008

My heart will always belong to you...

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Just read that Singapore's Muslim community will soon come under organ donor law this coming August, together with the rest of the population. It's always discomforting to know that the doctors are always waiting on the sidelines, ready to 'harvest' any usable organs in the event of premature death. Really, the fact that a life (if not more) can be safe by such selfless act doesn't really make the idea more palatable.

However, it really comes down to pure numbers isn't it? I mean, when it a choice between a death with many lives saved or simply a death, there's not much of a choice, isn't it? But the notion that the donor program should really be an opt in rather than opt out remains rooted in our very conscious, at least that's the way I feel. The joy of giving naturally comes from the act of giving. In order to do that, it has to be yours to give. If that right is taken away from you, it seems like... you're violated, so to speak.

Britain is at crossroads now. Judging from the comments below the article, I don't think the notion will go through if it's up to the public.

However, a Briton wondered poignantly out loud, "If an opt-out person is ever in need of another person's (presumably dead) organ to survive, would he/she take it?"

Because of that, I'm sort of glad that the decision whether to donate or not is taken off my hands.

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