Monday, January 21, 2008

Now... did he or did he?

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I've sure the entire world have heard about how the BA crew saved all passengers onboard a Boeing 777 as the plane lost all power before it landed at Heathrow. All attention was turned towards Captain Peter Burkill. Accolades heaped on him... "Peter the Perfect Pilot", "I don't think anything fazes him", "This man deserves a medal as big as a frying pan..." so on and so forth.

After the intial furry of events, the Captain revealed, in a press conference, that it was in fact his co-pilot, with the unlikely name of John Coward, as the real hero. Hmm... that's rather embarrassing isn't it? I mean, for a day or two, the entire nation read about the Captain's entire life: his 20yrs flying career, his three marriages, five children, how fantastic and cool he is... to find out that the wrong man is put up the pedestral.

This time round, the euphoria has died down quite abit. Besides knowing that Coward has a French wife and is based in France, very little was published about him.

Having said that, credit must be given to the crew for managing such a feat. Anyone who has seen the photos of the broken plane lying on the tarmac would agree with me. However, before the fully deciphering the contents of the black box and until all facts are established, it's prudent not to get to excited about the accolades.
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xiaocangshu said...

Actually I can't remember reading about this in ST at that time...

xiaocangshu said...

But at least the captain gave credit to who it is due to! :)