Thursday, January 3, 2008

Overflowing booze stops train at its tracks...

Network Rail (NR) took the opportunity of the festive period to do maintenance works to the line. The rationale was that the disruption caused will be minimal as most of the locals would be celebrating with the families and getting drunk thus staying at home anyway. But what NR didn't count on was that those getting wasted include the maintenance staff themselves.

The Daily Mail reported from 'sources' that staff simply called in sick the day that they were supposed to report for work opting to stay at home nursing their hangover instead.

The result? Three days of maintenance overrun with 60,000 people affected each day, some of whom paid over 7,000 pounds for a yearly pass. NR's spokesman claimed that it'll definitely be up and running tomorrow morning. We'll see.

Pen's mightier than the sword. But booze reigns.

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