Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Passage of Time...

Camden Passage is listed in all decent London guide books as the 'must visit' for any antique lovers. Any visitor here will not be disappointed, at least I wasn't... and it's just a few minutes walk from my place (yeah...).

Anyway, I'm always marvelled by all the antique knick knacks. Even found some of those tin toys that I used to play when I was a kiddo... which was not so long back. The closest Singaporean equivalent will be the thieves' market at Sungei Road, which was reputed to be where you can expect to find all the stuff that you've lost put up on sale, thus the name. Camden Passage, on the other hand, offers items of the by gone years... vintage clothings, jewellery, books, ornaments and loads of collectibles.

However, due to a initiative to revamp the area (essentially to bump up revenue) by the local council, there are plans to demolish The Antique Mall (the landmark building in the area) and replace it with a modern shopping mall. There had been widespread protests and petitions are signed. But the authorities seemed to be unmoved.

Do come on down to Camden Passage when you're visiting London (if you've not already)... you may be in time to catch a glimspe of the building before it goes down.

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