Friday, January 25, 2008

The sword and the shield...

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Something struck me while I was looking at Nick Leeson's photo taken in Singapore back in 1995, which featured some Singaporean policemen. I realized that the police back home don't wear bulletproof vests unlike UK police. Also, unlike UK police, Singapore's police carry firearms while patrolling.

This is actually quite interesting. One carrys a gun but goes around without a bulletproof vest and the other one goes around strapped with a vest but unarmed (save for a baton).

Does that mean that Singapore's police shoot but doesn't expect to be shot at... and UK police doesn't shoot but expect to be shot at (or knifed)?

Was reading about the 500,000 replica firearms being shipped into UK via a single port every year. I was wondering what purpose do these firearms actually serve? While I appreciate that UK has got a huge border to police, but surely such legitimate import of replica firearms does not help matters, does it? Indeed, replica guns are used in many instances for crimes and pranks.

Perhaps we should really be looking at restricting such unnecessary imports and the day may come when UK police need not to go around in the cumbersome vest.

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