Monday, January 21, 2008

The Templar Knights... valor (and wealth!)

Had Sunday dim sum lunch at Shanghai Blues. KL managed to find some decent dim sum restaurant near Holborn, somewhere to fill our stomach before heading to the Temple's open house.

Was taken aback when we saw the long queues outside Courts of Justice where mock trials were conducted for public viewing. We made our way to Middle Temple Lane instead. Middle and Inner Temple, unlike the name suggested, housed chambers for barristers instead of monks (or nuns for that matter). While the rest of the gang occupied themselves checking out the lists of QCs outside the respective chambers, I was more interested in a particular church with a round extension, which is made famous by The Da Vinci Code. With many like minded people, I made myself comfortable in the humble looking interior while listening to the Master of Knights Templar. He started by lamenting the fact that he inherited all the responsibilities but none of the power. Humourous fella he is. He then captivated us with the exploits, influence and wealth of the original Knights Templars... I was so engrossed that I half expected him to pull out s sword and leap onto a stallion when he described a Knight as an unstoppable 'one-man tank".

After which, we came across this very interesting plaque. Was wondering what sort of 'properties' was donated... hmm...

Got the whole lot (HP, Des and KL) over to our place for nasi lemak complete with the whole works (chicken wings, roast peanuts with ikan bilis and fried egg) and substituted luncheon meat with corn beef. Finished off with KL's blueberry pie, we chatted late into the night thereafter.

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