Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thinner than Air(book)

By this time, I would expect Apple's newest innovation, the 'Airbook' making its rounds in each geek's mind now. In fact, Steve is so confident of it that Apple is banking on Airbook's sales to be the main profit generating engine next year.

Apple really got it right, didn't it? Was discussing about this with Wife over yesterday's dinner. Not only traditional Apple geeks (or fans) are bought over, even the techno-idiots who craved for design over functionality are hooked. I'm not saying that Apple products are not functional, it's just that you can pay much lesser for the same functions. I'm sure Creative's Sim will agree with me on that issue.

After watching the advert which showed an Airbook being taken out of an envelope, I find myself drooling already. But looking at the premium that Londoners pay for Apple products, that'll have to wait for now.

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