Monday, January 28, 2008

To buy or not to buy....

Tourists are often bewildered by the dozens of 'half-priced' outlets selling theatre tickets. There are literally that many. In fact, there's even one within Leceister Square Underground Station, which captures most of the unsuspecting tourists who travel to the West End via the Tube. I'm not claiming that it's fraudulent, it's just that there are better deals up on the ground.

Now, which one should you get your tickets from? I'm sure that guide book of yours will advice you to get it from TKTS, which can be found on the South side of Leceister Square. Other than the fact that it's an established brand... well, at least on New York's Broadway, it's also the one that is least likely to sell you a ticket that will get you turn away at the door. Well, they're right.

TKTS sells only the best tickets... at half price. If the top ticket goes for 50 quid, you can have it for 25 quid with a two plus pound service charge. If, for some reason, you don't feel like having the best ticket, then you have to try your luck at the rest of the more dodgy looking counters. But don't be deceived by the large letterings and neon posters, do ask exactly how much the full price ticket cost and and where your seat is. They should be able to provide you with a seating plan. Ironically, TKTS does not show you the seating plan but they do tell you whether it's a 'good' or 'ok' seat.

Though all theatres are within walking distances, it's always good to check out the map that's just next to the TKTS counter, which shows the location of all theatres at the West End.

One more thing... you might like to watch your water consumption before the show. London's theatres are generally cosy and compact, it's not going to be pleasant if you need to excuse yourself halfway through.

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