Monday, January 28, 2008

To market, to market....

Weekend's weather was great. Decided to visit the Borough's Market to get some groceries. Apparently, many others got the same idea as well. It was really packed when we surfaced from London Bridge Tube station. Having secured our valuables (one of our friend got pick pocketed at the Market some time back), we threw ourselves into the crowd.

That's the thing with Borough's Market, you can go there time and time again, but you'll bound to find something new every visit. After a while, I caught myself whipping out my trusty Nokia snapping pictures discreetly... heard a comment by an American Chinese about not knowing why people go around taking pictures of vegetables in a market.. after that, I just went on clicking at anything and everything that my eyes laid on and here're some of them.

With the advent of globalisation and stuff, it's kind of difficult getting gifts if you're returning home for a visit. However, getting them some local made jams can be a good bet. The next time you're there, do check out this jam store (I think there's only one), the lady has got all the different flavours that you can think of. Tasting is perfectly welcomed and at 3 quid per jar, I would think that it's well worth it.

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LadyBanana said...

Having lived in London since the 70's I have never been to this market... maybe I should make a visit..looks interesting..

C K said...

I supposed that you're missing out something there... Anyway, try visiting on a Saturday morning, that's when all the stores are opened. Look out for your purses though.