Friday, January 18, 2008

Urinals just got less private...

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Chris Rock, a US standup comedian, was interviewed recently on a BBC program. When asked about the most striking thing that hit him about British, he answered,"British drink waaaaaay too much." He's not joking when he said that.

Binge drinking is a social problem in today's Britain. The 24hr drinking policy that allows alcohol to be sold round the clock implemented during Blair's era really did it in. I tried to find online what was the rationale behind that move but failed to find any. Though I'm sure there's some good intentions, but I'm sure the outcome is not what they've expected.

Though it's illegal for underage drinking, British youths have somehow got their hands on alcohol. The worst thing is that some parents actually sunction that. The parents, I assume, would rather have their children drink in front of them than behind their backs. During the New Year Fireworks, we actually saw a kid sharing the same bottle with his Dad and with his Mum by their side. That kid couldn't be a day over 15.

As a result of which, we have a generation of British growing up coping with alcoholism with the state's sunctioning them. After a bout of binge drinking, it's not surprising to find people vomitting and urinating along the streets of London. And you can safely assume that it's not restricted to guys only. To cope with this problem, the authorities has installed a number of outdoor urinals countrywide.

I applaud UK's pro choice policies. The basic assumption is that one is free to choose and live with that choice. But sometimes, people just aren't equip to make responsible choices. Someone will need to clean up the mess when the party's over.

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xiaocangshu said...

Is the British underage drinking law worded to ban underage drinking in public places as ours is? ST specified that our law says nothing on underage drinking behind closed doors. Some parents interviewed for that article said they would rather introduce their kids to drinking before 18 under their supervision so they won't overdo it after turning 18.

For me, the taste of alcohol takes getting used to. So for this reason, I haven't exercised this particular right though it's been a while since I turned 18.