Friday, January 4, 2008

US$100 per barrel?

Read about the chap who got his minute of infamy when he paid in excess of US$100/barrel for 1000 barrels of crude oil and became the first person who does that. He reportedly promptly sold off at a lower price with a loss of US$600. Hey, that's a small price to pay to get his name into the books. Will make a great story to his grandkids,

"Kid, what's so great about being the first one on Mount Everest or the Moon? Your GrandPa was the first person who pays US$ 100 for a barrel of oil! Now THAT's an achievement!"

Well, though it's now hovering just below that now, there's a good chance that it'll retest that ceiling again.

Anyway, NPower, which is the Britain fourth largest energy provider, is increasing their customers' gas and electricity bill by a whopping 17% and 13% respectively! The other providers are set to follow suit.

At least one can survive a 49% increase in cab fares by not taking the cab.... I'm going to switch off my heater now and see how long I can survive. So long, cruel world!

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