Friday, January 25, 2008

Walking around with a lighter head...

Finally decided to trim the mane on my head. Was thinking of sporting a ponytail but gave up the idea after it became rather unmanageable, not to mention that I will look like a complete dork if I were to do just that.

Finally went to PaX, which is along Charing Cross road opposite Chinatown, following Des' recommendation. The hairdresser, an effiminate chap, was quite friendly and I can't really fault him on his skills either. He tried to make small talk but quickly realised that I'm not the 'small talk' kind of person. Read somewhere that guys generally falter when multitasking, unlike gals. I'm not someone who'll risk his hair trying to prove that theory.

20min later and 10 quid poorer (I opted for a wash as well), I walked out of the shop a lighter man.

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jesie said...

Just curious how much it would cost for a hair cut in London.

I live in a small town in the US and it costs about $12.95 without blowing, $15.95 with blowing. Some are charging up to $40 with blow and dry in a bigger city.

I went to the Charing Cross Railway station to take a train to Tonbridge a few years ago.

C K said...

The lower end for guys is around 4.5 quid to 6 quid. PaX does gals for 6 quid without washing as well. I can't find any cheaper than that...