Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Will kill for a view...

Many would jump at the chance of unloading a property that was purchased at 60,000 pounds for a whopping 10 million pounds. Imagine that... 10 million pounds! The average property in London cost 300,000 quid. Having that kind of money can get you entire streets, both sides at that.

But this man who has a property that offers an unparallel view of the sea is sitting tight on his property. A seafront property may not be that rare for an island state like Singapore but it remains affordable only to high worth individuals. I recall that Singaporeans expressed suprised at the rate at which foreigners snapped up the handful of million dollars properties in Sentosa Cove. Taking things in perspective, a million Singapore dollars can get you at most a 1-2 bedroom flat in London central. One with a similar view and proximity to the city will set you back by many times more.

The war hero in question in the article was saying that he wouldn't move at any price as he has no need for 'that kind of money'. Well, at least he has got a choice, unlike many elderly folks back home who were forced out of their retirement apartments due to en-bloc sales.

Think about that.

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