Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The world wide televised New Year Parade...

By the time we slept, it was already 4am. Was telling myself that we must wake up at 8am (a few hours later) to catch the New Year Parade at Piccadilly Circus. Well, we did managed to pull ourselves out of bed at 9.30am. Frantically, we swallowed breakfast and raced down to THE parade, which, I must emphasized, is televised around the world.

Well, long story short. I think Chinggay is much better.

Luckily we woke up late. Otherwise I'll never forgive myself for waking up so early.

Ok, the good things first. The parade is pretty varied, which showcased the diversity of London's culture and society. There's a "Dog Breeding Society" which paraded dogs, "Donkey Society" that paraded... yep, donkeys. There were a number of marching bands that came across the Alantic Ocean. There were clowns trumpeting the history of their, well, clowning career. There was also "Promoting cycling for under-16".

You get the idea. It's not so much the entertainment but to show recognition to the people that made up London.

But as the parade goes on, it made me wonder how they select the parade participants. There was an Indian who claimed that he worshipped King Nashanta (I think I spelt it wrongly) and provided an website as he danced along the road with a lady collecting money, presumably for King Nashanta.

Perhaps I can apply to participate as a "Tang Kee" (medium) in 2009.

Anyway, we got wise this time round and left before the end of the parade. Gosh, I missed those aunties from People's Association parading in Chinggay. lol

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london soon said...

I do miss Singapore's Chingay.....