Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Chinese New Year Celebrations 1/4 (The Parade)

Attending the Chinese New Year Parade was something that I've never done back home. The logic just doesn't flow: why would I want to sweat it out jousting with thousands of others along packed pavements waiting to catch a glimpse of the parade when I could do so snuggled in my sofa while getting a close up of all the acts in front of the tv? Come on, attending the parade was for... well, tourists.

Here I am, a tourist in London trying to catch a piece of the action. Definitely not someone who would queue up early to get the front row view; in fact, we were just in time for the parade. Having parked ourselves in the shade of a telephone booth, I whipped out my camera and bidded my time. We weren't disappointed at all. Well, there were the appearances by local Chinese student bodies who seemed to be enjoying themselves donning traditional Chinese costumes. To a Singaporean, it's quite quaint to see a caucasian who dressed up as the "Chai Shen Ye" (God of Prosperity). But I guess a Briton will find it refreshing to have a Malay dressed up Santa Claus in Singapore as well.

As Olympics 2008 is just round the corner, there were troupes of Chinese performers in the same parade. Was mentioning to my Wife that it was typical of Chinese performances to have performers who were of uniform looks. Check it out for yourself. Nevertheless, it was one of those most appreciated by the spectators.

The "big headed doll" walked past us soon after and it scared the little girl in front of me into tears. The mother had to spend some time to placate the traumatised kid. A commendable effort was put up by a local association in the dragon dance. But the youngsters seemed to have some problems holding up the dragons. One of them was even yawning away... it must have been a long day for him. Anyway, we were off to Trafalgar Square to catch the rest of the celebrations.

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Chinese New Year Celebrations 2/4 (Trafalgar Square)

Chinese New Year Celebrations 3/4 (Bayswater)
Chinese New Year Celebrations 4/4 (Leicester Square)

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Entrepreneur said...

Happy Chinese New Year! I love Chinatown in London. It really has the best Chinese food and all sorts of things happening all the time. The last time I was there they were filming a movie and I thought it was really some Chinese guys running around trying to cut each other's heads off. hahahha

Gong xi fa cai! Stay warm while we sweat it out back home.

C K said...

Gong Xi Fa Cai to you as well! Heard from friends back home that it's getting abit warm. Well, even 20 deg C is considered as warm here so I think I'll be sweating bucketloads when I return.

Have not seen any movie sets in Chinatown yet... lucky you. :)

lina said...

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Looks like a very fun parade.

eastcoastlife said...

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Happy renri (人日)!

C K said...

Happy New Year to Lina and ECL!! Many happy returns.

ECL, great new logo you got there!

Hopeful Spirit said...

Hi CK:

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The Seventh Day: Eighth Edition is now live, so I hope you will stop by & pay a visit to some of the other participants' sites. There were a number of fabulous posts contributed this week!

Blessings to you,

Hopeful Spirit
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