Friday, February 15, 2008

Chinese New Year 4/4 (Leicester Square)

With a full stomach and my pants nearly bursting its seams, we took the Tube back to Leicester Square. It seems that we were just in time for the 'fireworks' display, which I took to be firecrackers. It turned out to be a combination of both. The video clip above is not exactly taken from the best angle as the guy in front of me got into the way half the time. The only other time I saw a live firecracker was in a village in Malaysia. Boy, and I thought that was loud.

It was crazy after the fireworks display; people trying to get out and others trying to get in for the next display scheduled 45min later. But hey, the police presence is always felt. They've got this tendency to cluster into small circles and with their back against everyone else. Shouldn't they be dispersed into crowds?

It was just a passing thought as we plunged into the crowd...

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