Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Chinese New Year Celebrations 3/4 (Bayswater)

Now, this is the best dim sum restaurant that I've ever gone to in London and I'm risking its loyal patrons' wrath for sharing this : ) Anyway, please let me know if you came across better ones, just drop me a comment.

Kam Tong (Jing Tang) along Queensway is unlike any of the traditional (and more popular) dim sum restaurants like Shanghai Blues, Royal China and China Tang. For one, it's not in the same league. If you're looking for ambience, Kam Tong is not the place to go. But if you're like me, who goes for quality and pricing (cheap and good) then Kam Tong is the number one choice. The boss is Malaysian and owns Kiasu, an equally popular restaurant just across the road.

We decided to escape the maddening crowds and give the Chinatown eateries a miss. Were pleasantly suprised when a table was quickly made available for us (as the rest of the patrons were in larger groups). Before long, I was trying to fumbling with a "har gau" and munching a 'siew mai' while eyeing the "cheong fun".

Then we heard a commotion outside. Kam Tong has engaged a lion dance troupe to perform a "cai qing" or "picking the greens". Finally tore myself away from the glorious food and took a video clip of the lion dancing its way through the customers.

By the time we walked out of Kam Tong, the street was filled with rival lion troupes trying to earn the keep performing the dance ritual from shop to shop. Entertained me for quite some time. Time flew and we had to return to Chinatown again for the fireworks (and firecrackers) display... that I would not miss for anything... even for all the dim sum in the world!

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Contamination said...

Looks Yummy!

C K said...

Believe me.. it is. :P