Friday, February 1, 2008

Elusive Banksy...

Was on the bus one day when Wife frantically pointed out a Banksy to me across the road. Almost didn't managed to get my camera (oh yes, I carried it with me always) but managed to snap a picture of it through the bus window, well... a portion of it anyway.

The piece shows a girl being grappled by a mechanical arm being extended from a cash machine (ATM for those back home). Well, we get a kick out of spotting Banksys in London, that's before it gets scrubbed off by owners who were unamused.

Anyway, Banksy did nudge street art into the mainstream and it has become more or less acceptable and in some instances celebrated. You can read about it in. London TimeOut, that's where we get our daily fix of what's 'happening' in London.

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Lee said...

Nice man. I am a BIG banksy fan. I live in Bristol which is where he is meant to be from.

Nice pic, have you seen his new stuff in Israel?

C K said...

Just came to know about him when I reach London some time back. Saw some of his works on the Palestinian wall. Does he have some more new ones?

Laura said...

There is a group on Flickr for his work to be posted. I've only seen it through that group. Yours is the first blog I've found with a post showing something he had done.

C K said...

Wife was joking that we should spend a weekend going around London to hunt down Banksy's work. Like me, she's a huge fan as well.

Anonymous said...

Ill have to get a pic of a few of his works that he has done in Bristol. Some of them have been protected as people protested about them being taken down.... Now they mostly stay up if they are in a OK place.