Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hey! That's a nice...

Got a msg the other day about my EntreCard logo...

'Hey, that's a nice poodle you got there!'.

Er, people, that's not a poodle beside the Union Jack. It's a merlion. It's essentially a tourism mascot used by Singapore Tourism Board to promote tourism in our sunny island (recently drenched in rain) in the hope that some foreigners might think that merlions are creatures unique to only Singapore and decide to hop on a plane to Changi :-)

Believe it or not, some Singaporeans actually thought that Sang Nila Utama saw a merlion when he set foot on ancient Singapore. It's really hard to imagine a merlion hopping away ... it'll probably trip over.

Anyway, just took a short break at Lille. Will be posting some photos at this space, look out for it!

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Absolutely True said...

I didn't know what it was :) Thanks for the explanation. And thanks for the EC too.

Taitai said...

No, that's a poodle.

C K said...

... you just resist that, can you?

C K said...

... you just can't resist that, can you? (typo) :)

superpatches said...

the Merlion at Sentosa is scary looking especially at night when it changes colours

la.traducteuse said...

A poodle...ROFL...
I myself prefer the merlion with water coming from its mouth.

lina said...

did I thank you for the EC? sorry - short memory :p
a poodle indeed!

Alok said...

I visited Singapore last year and happened to see the Large Merlion tucked away in corner of Singapore.

Virtual Millenium said...

Well, It's a poodle... and a merlion :D Now everybody is happy!!

taitai said...

:D Ok, ok, its a very beautiful poodle.

you're scared of coloured lights?!

the merlion doesn't have water coming out of its mouth. you're making it sound like its senile. ;)

Singapore doesn't have any corners- its an odd shaped country, definitely not square or triangle, or rectangular or anything that has sharp edges. And if it did have a corner, a large Merlion wouldn't be able to tuck itself away there, only a small Merlion could. It's a small country.

Btw, What's a Merlion?

xiaocangshu said...

Poodle... *stops to catch her breath*

Can be a bit hard to distinguish in the thumbnail though.

My friend told me her Thai language teacher knows where all the 6 Merlions in SG are. We didn't even know there are 6.

C K said...

I actually have a version with a durian beside the Union Jack. :p

Anyway, I thought there are only 3 merlions in Singapore? The huge one and the little one opposite the esplanade and there's one on Mount Faber as well.

Hey, I took Thai when I was in Uni as well! That served me quite well when bargaining in Bangkok. lol

xiaocangshu said...

There's the giant one at Sentosa. And 2 others somewhere. Apparently the teacher was calling them grandfather Merlion (I presume the giant one), father Merlion, mother Merlion, baby Merlion (the little one at the esplanade?) and so on.

C K said...

Oh yah, how can I forget the huge one over at Sentosa! lol