Saturday, February 23, 2008

Mother's Day

Have always thought that Mother's Day falls on the 2nd Sunday in May. So I was quite suprised to find shops (in London) selling Mother's Day merchandise and proclaiming it to be on 2nd March.
A quick trip down to Wikipedia reveals that Britain and Ireland celebrate Mothering Sunday (aka Mother's Day) exactly 3 weeks before Easter Sunday. That originates from a 16th century Christian practice. Singapore, on the other hand, follows after the US.

Used to make all those cards for my mum when I was a kid (which were rather ugly come to think of it). Came to realised that it's really not the gift but the amount of quality time spent with her.

Anyway, Happy Mother's Day to all of you mothers out there!

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lina said...

interesting. and here I was thinking Mother's Day was started by an American Woman.

kyh said...

Hmm I nvr knew that!

Here's wishing all mothers out there a very happy British/Irish Mother's Day!

Lynne said...

I had never heard that before! Happy Mother's Day to all you British mums! :-D

Buffy said...

...and just to confuse matters even further, Mothers Day in Australia is May 11 (always the 2nd Sunday of May) much for tradition!

Taitai said...

I think every day should be Mother's Day!

la.traducteuse said...

Do you have Father's Day on the eighth of August? We do as the date and month are 'Baba' in Chinese.

When I was in England I just lost track of all the holidays and had to buy a local calendar to find out.

C K said...

Father's Day is celebrated on the same day in the UK as in Singapore: 3rd Sunday of July. It's a day 'created' to commemorate parenthood. Sigh, I recalled Mother's Day being a huge thing but Father's Day was very much toned down. Sigh.