Friday, February 1, 2008

National obsession... with the weather

I never know that a weather report can be so interesting. Back home, TV channels have experimented with a weather presenter talking in front of a blue screen with computer graphics (clouds moving, rain and all that stuff) but they gave up after awhile after realizing the futility of it all. Heck, Singapore is just a third the size of London (including Greater London). Clouds, and rain for that matter, can miss the entire area just like that. Thus Singaporeans tend to take the weather report with a pinch of salt and resorted to predicting incoming rain with the good old rheumatism-pain-in-the-joints.

The BBC's weather report for London is comparatively accurate. In fact, we often consult its online weather report if we were to travel to other parts of the UK over the weekend before the actual purchase of train tickets. Thus it has become the daily routine every evening when we'll snuggle in front of the tv to see whether the winds will be favorable the next day... it doesn't look too good for now.

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LadyBanana said...

No matter what the weather says, I always have my umbrella with me!

C K said...

Just prefer to travel light for me. But after getting used to the 'rain' in tropics, which is torrential by London's standards (minus the winds), I'm actually quite fine without an umbrella when it rains (or drizzle) in London. Anyway, my flimsy brolly will not make the cut in London's wind.