Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Of Dual Citizenship... and US election

The idea of dual citizenship (DC) never ceases to amuse me. The idea of belonging to two different countries just doesn't stick. It's like people who claim to be 'citizens of the world' really don't belong anywhere at the end of the day. Trawling the internet brought up some pros of DC: a means of political asylum for some and economic (mostly tax issues) reasons for others.

There's no mention the 'owing allegience' portion. I'm just curious: when it comes to the crunch, will people with DC stay behind, bear the brunt and ride it out or will they merely flee to 'the other' home country? Is the concept of citizenship obsolete?

The issue came up when I realised that one of the reason why British are so interested about the US presidential election is because there is a number of dual citizens (UK-US) among them. It seems that Londoners are more interested in the election across the Alantic than the Mayor's election coming in May. Perhaps the proximity does play a factor. I mean, hey, it's just across an ocean. Well, though we couldn't possibly affect the election (not by voting anyway), the US Presidential Election will be the event of 2008 whether you like it or not. Who knows? Some country might be razed to the ground if the wrong person is elected. Anyway, I've set up a poll on the left column, do cast your vote.

Also, what are your thoughts on DC?

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kyh said...

To be frank, I do love the sound of dual citizenship. But if I were granted DC or multiple citizenships, I'm sure I'd pledge more loyalty to the one I consider as the land for permanent settlement rather than others where I may hv second homes in.