Monday, February 4, 2008

Peculiarities of a Tropican...

Tropicans (people from the tropics) generally take their weather for granted. More precisely, the temperature. I'm one good example. Can't really blame me though as the temperature back in our sunny island at the tip of the Malayan peninsular has.. well, sunny days most of the year. Yes, the temperature fluctuate but rarely will it be out of 27-32 degree celsius. As a result of which, my pairs of bermudas and sandals have become the staple streetwear. Needless to say, having spent all my life in the sunny island of Singapore, I carried the habit over to London... to my demise.

Back home, the afternoons are always warm and humid. With a relative humidity of 90%, an air-conditioner is a must. Even with that, it'll only bring the temperature down to a balmy 23 deg celsius. Anything lower than that, it's gonna cost you big time. So imagine our surprise when we realized that an aircon isn't a "standard issue" over in London... but a gas/electrical heater is. Well, we learnt about some other things as well.

Lesson 1: Wondering around in bermudas isn't going to help with the heating bills either. We learnt that pretty early on.

Lesson 2: Gas heater is less efficient as compared to electrical ones. But charges for gas is way cheaper compared to electricity.

Lesson 3: Electrical heaters can be purchased quite easily at all major stores. Don't stinge on that. We got ours at Argos for 15 pounds.

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