Friday, February 29, 2008

The Prince riding to war

The leak turned into a huge gush when the floodgates were broken. The news that Prince Harry is currently battling the Talebans in Afghanistan was leaked by American media though an Australian website put it up earlier in Jan this year. With that, the British media got into the act and released all the exclusive media footages that were originally to be published only after the Prince's deployment.

The public is generally positive about the fact that the Prince is putting his life in jeopardy and Ministry of Defence claimed that he boosted the morale of British soldiers around them. The romantic image of a Prince leading the charge on horseback quickly came into my mind. Well, although not on horseback, the Prince is serving in a calvary unit.

There are, however, some concerns about the British media's 'collusion' with the Government in agreeing to blackout the news in return for exclusive footage. The role of the media in the UK (like many parts of the world) is to act as a check on the government; collusion (a strong word indeed) is not part of the deal. I imagine that it must be real tempting for the editors to report on what could very well be THE British news of 2008. Kudos to them for keeping the lid shut.

Prince Harry's unique position, however, gave rise to cynics' comments on whether he just wanted to embark on an adventure without regards to the safety of the men around him. To me, he is just a regular guy trying to do his bit for a cause that he (and his country) believes in.

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london soon said...

At the end of the day, Prince Harry dared to say "He did what he wished to..."

Also, a salute to CK for serving in the NS for my country.

Taitai said...

It's not "news" to report that the Prince is in Iraq. People just like to criticise for the sake of it.

I remember being in school in the US and them white people would always have something to say ... empty cans make the loudest noise.

Thomas said...

Um, Taitai, the Prince is in Afghanistan.

What was that you were saying about empty cans?

taitai said...

Darn, you're one of those white people who know the difference between Afghanistan and Iraq ;)

Thomas said...


kyh said...

Woah... The place is such a turmoil, and now a British Royal is risking his life by doing this! For the sake of national pride huh?

lina said...

there will be cynics whatever the prince chose to do.
good on him to brave the war and in turn boost soldiers' morale.

monaco said...

to all of his detractors I say give the prince a break. he just wanted to be like any normal guy serving his country.