Friday, February 29, 2008

Propose to your man!

Scream the word 'proposal' and the image of a man kneeling in front of his lady immediately comes to mind. Though feminists would cry foul to that but many women are still rather reserve when it comes to initiate the proposal to their man.

Well, wait no more. 29th Feb (once every four years) is THE day for ladies to propose to their man, which apparently is a practice in the UK. Was watching BBC News 24 this morning and already a woman has proposed and her man accepted.

For those guys who are adverse towards commitment, you might like to stay low for today.

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london soon said...

I proposed to my husband 12 years ago but not on Feb 29. Now that I have recommended my husband to visit your blog, he may kill me if he reads this. But if he reads on, I will tell him I made the best decision in my life!

kyh said...

I'd prefer to initiate the proposal myself. Not being chauvinistic or whatever, but I think it's a man's thing to do... A proposal to a woman of your life is like promising her the responsibility in our union and the lives we're gonna go through in the future.

C K said...

@London Soon
Some guys are really lucky... :)

Haha.. it looks like you've some plan formed in your mind already! Well, don't let her beat you at the game and ask you first! :P