Sunday, February 17, 2008

S & M anyone?

Not what you're thinking about. S&M, a food franchise in London that reminds me of Han's in Singapore. Well, at least before Han's went downhill when it decided to appeal to the (very) mass market. S&M (Sausage and Mash) serves exactly what the name suggests... sausages and mash potatoes. The menu is quite confusing with all the permutations that was on offer: 3 or 2 sausages (and choose from a variety of types and ways of preparation), whether you want it with salads, starters, desserts and drinks... It reminds me of Starbucks.. decaffeinated, tall, with cream. With a rather limited menu, S&M has to be creative.

Curiously, S&M is rather popular with Londoners. Some consider it to be good 'hangover food'. Not too sure what that means. Though I don't particularly fancy the sausages (nothing to shout about in my opinion), I love S&M's interior deco. It reminds me of an American diner in the 60's. Guess that the only thing missing is a jukebox.

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Colin Campbell said...

As Spike Milligan said, the best way to avoid sea sickness is to sit under a tree.

The best way to avoid a hangover is to anticipate S&M.